Cicada is a CI/CD platform. Use our TypeScript SDK to write pipelines, test them locally, then run them on every PR in our ultra-fast cloud

Here’s how to build, test, and deploy your own Cicada pipeline in under < 2 minutes.

1. Download the cicada CLI

  • npm

  • yarn

  • pnpm

  • curl

npm install -g @cicadahq/cicada 

2. Create a new pipeline

Navigate to a project and run

cicada init

This will create help you the default piplines at .cicada/<pipeline-name>.ts that looks like this

3. Test your pipeline locally

Test changes to your pipelines locally using the cicada CLI

cicada run <pipeline-name>

4. Create a Cicada Account

Sign up at cicada.build/dashboard

Link your repository from step #2. Cicada will now run your pipelines on every commit / PR to your linked repos.

6. Push your pipeline to GitHub

git add .
git commit -m "feat:added cicada pipeline"
git push origin main

7. View your pipeline logs

Now go to cicada.build/dashboard and watch your pipeline logs live!

8. That’s it!

Check out our guides or faq to learn more