Write CI/CD Pipelines
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Run pipelines in the cloud or locally
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What is Cicada?

Cicada is a modern CI/CD engine that lets you write your pipelines in TypeScript. No more YAML-hell. Write your automations in a real programming language.

Cicada is perfect for JS/TS engineers who want to write CI in the same language as their application and for DevOps/Infra engineers looking to leverage more powerful tools & abstractions.

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Use a real programming language

Using Typescript speeds up your CI/CD dev loop. Get statement completion, real-time type checking, and interactive documentation in your IDE out of the box.

Typescript also lets you build useful abstractions, reduce the number of lines of code written, and stay in context.

Run your jobs in the cloud

Zero-setup cloud hosting for your CI/CD pipelines. Pipelines run when triggered by an event in your repository like a commit/PR. Cicada's dashboard lets you inspect logs, debug errors, visualize job dependencies and more.

CI Code
npm install -g @cicadahq/cicada
cicada init
cicada run

Run pipelines locally

Run your pipelines locally to debug and test them before pushing to the cloud. Cicada automatically sets up the environment for you so you can focus on your pipeline.

Consistent builds, everywhere

Cicada pipelines run inside of containers. This means that if the pipeline works on your machine, it'll run the same in the cloud.

Faster execution

Cicada automatically takes advantage of layer caching to speed up build times.

Frequently Asked Questions

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